​​Crystal  Nails  & Lashes  Spa

Create the free edge with 624 powder then thin it towards the top of the nail

Apply Acid Free Primer to the prepared nail

Create the perfect surface of the nail with Xtreme Blue file

Refine the filed nail surface with a sanded buffer

Apply cuticle oil to the cuticle area

I apply a thin base layer of Clear Gel to the natural nail and the template

Put blue mica silkpowder to the meeting point of the two colors

Build the top of the free edge with 620 powder then thin it towards the smile line in such way to make gradiation between the two colors

Raise the nail bed part with the new Xtreme Pink Powder

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Fix it with the pinch tool

Gel  Almond  by  Nikolett  Nogradi

Cover it with Top Seal Light gel

Acrylic  Almond  by  Virag  Halasz

Shape the free edge with Xtreme Pink file

I shape the negative of the smile line with Cover Pink nail bed extension
     ( The growth will be invisible with this technique)

Create nail bed extension with Cover Pink Powder and Xtreme Jewel Brush

I use the Top Shine Gel to bring back the shine of the nails

    And the result

Cover the free edge with Xtreme Clear Powder

Apply the form according to the shape of the Gothic Almond

and the result...

The almond form properly affix the template​

Cure it for 3 minutes, cleanse the surface with Cleanser

I use Nail Prep & Acid Free Primer

I sculpt the free edge and the smile line with White Gel

I cover the whole nail with Clear Gel

I prepare the natural nails, push back cuticles,
 matting, remove the dust

and pinch clip